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New Year New Look

Hello World! Chinese New Year is coming, and I am almost turned deaf with the Chinese New Year songs playing everywhere. But well, it is one of the biggest celebrations here, so I have tried a look – let’s just be shameless and call it the ‘Sexy Chinese Doll’ look.

I went for a red-red-red look, like literally from eyes to lips to my qipao are all red, because what is a chinese new year look without the reds? But I thought the look turned out quite well!

These are the products I use:

  1. Random eyebrow pencil from Japan with Japanese brand name
  2. Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette
  3. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (my shade is Punjab)
  4. Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer
  5. Sedayu Tinggi Blush (a local brand that I really love)
  6. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Love That Red (the colour is awesome)
  7. Random RM3.00 super fake eyelashes that I have in my drawer for years

This is definitely a dramatic look compared to my usual simple makeup but I truly had fun. Maybe I will wear a more toned down version of this on the first day of the Chinese New Year.

Till then, have a wonderful week!

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Eyeshadow: Maybelline Rock Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Hello World! Welcome back :), so today I will share about a palette that I owned for quite some time. If you love makeup I am 100% sure you either own one of these palettes or you have heard of them – their Nudes Eyeshadow Palettes. Maybelline is an old brand founded in 1915 and rivaled Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden in the Roaring 20s (you can read about the interesting business strategies and brilliant minds of these two powerful females from the book “War Paint“), fun fact – Maybelline’s first successful product was its mascara, I believe that is the reason their mascaras are always wonderful.

Let’s come back to the palettes. It was launched years back with much promotion because it was the first time Maybelline a drugstore brand launched a 12-colour eyeshadow palettes. Imagine you walk into a drugstore glancing through the makeup products expecting to just see small eyeshadow palettes in duos or quads then bam! A 12-colour palette! That made me went wild a bit but I was calm enough not to buy it because I had my old faithful original Urban Decay Naked palette. It feels like you are with a cool smart guy who drives a BMW (because he is a lawyer) but at the same time you meet this dude who drives a Myvi (yup only a Malaysian can understand what I am talking about) but he is super funny and charming and you make a mental note to call him just in case you break up with the lawyer – that was how I felt when I saw the Maybelline palette for the first time. And sure enough, I ditched my Naked palette simply because it expired which I still loved very much but it was no longer a healthy relationship because it may cause allergy, I bought the Blushed Nude palette.

source: google*

I used it and I loved it so much. I even used it on another person and it turned out very nice. It is very easy to use and the colours suit the Asian skin tone – at least I think so.

Then soon enough, I bought another one – the Rock Nudes on 50% discount!

source: google*

*note: I have both palettes with me but I just realised I didn’t take a good pictures of them when the sun was up just now. I take pictures with natural sunlight because there is plenty of it here, so why not?

And then, I haven’t used it very much. Recently before Christmas I did a purging of old and expired makeup product, then I realised I have this long forgotten palette lying sadly and lonely in my cupboard for so long (I bought it on 13 February 2018, so less than one year). So I decided to make it purposeful again.

I used it consistently all days last week, and these were the two looks I managed to take the pictures with the morning sunlight before heading to work.

I must say, the days when I wore these colours, I had people complimenting my eye makeup. I think this palette is very easy to use. You just need to pick two or three colours from anywhere of the palette following certain basic rules of eye makeup, you won’t go wrong. I mean, there is nothing wrong with being creative or violating those ‘rules’ but at times you need to look more presentable/professional, this palette is a safe choice in my opinion.

I also need to say that the colours look pretty good on my skin tone. It is not too pigmented that it is intimidating, neither it is too light that you don’t see anything. The texture may seem rougher and the glitters are grittier than the more expensive eyeshadow, but for the price, I cannot complain much. So if you are someone who loves to add a little bit of spice in your day makeup but don’t want to go through the decision-making process of what colours to wear on your lid, or you have been using quads and want to venture into a palette with more colours, or you just don’t want to spend those dimes on expensive nude shades, this will make you a happy person (no joke).

Till then, have a fantastic week!


Concealer: Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

Decide to start this post with my random doodle

I am into a recent brand I discovered and I have bought quite a number of stuff, today I am going to talk about one of them which is the Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer.

This baby is such a MUST-HAVE, and I am not exaggerating when I say this is by far the best drugstore concealer in my book. The coverage is fantastic, the application is easy and no-fuss, the texture is nice. It just makes my life so much easier – because I have really horrible dark circles because of my naturally thin skin with bad sinus probelm.

The texture is thick enough to hide all your most hideous secrets
But it still blends really well

I am really into no-fuss no-gimmick kind of packaging, and this concealer is 100% basic and does what it says. “Liquid, high coverage and ultra-lasting concealer. Perfectly camouflages under-eye circles, spots and even tattoos. Apply in small dabs and let dry well. Appy layers if needed. Waterproof. Dermatologically tested’ – those are the words printed on the tube, and I agree to the part that says about the under-eye circles and spots – that is so very true, I can definitely vouch for that. As whether it covers tattoos, I don’t have any tattoo so I cannot test that, but if I want to test I can always borrow my boyfriend’s tattooed arm. I can imagine this will be so good for someone with tattoo/s on visible areas to cover for certain important occassion like job interviews, baptims, furneral, first date, first day meeting the parents, wedding…

But do people really cover their tattoos?

Anyway, I have to say that perhaps some people may not like the scent of it, but I am very OK with it. Maybe some people may find it hard to find their shades, for example the store I went to get this, only had three shades (and I think they have 5, still not a fantastically wide range for you to choose). My shade is ‘Honey’ I literally don’t have any complaint about this concealer, it is so afforabled, it is easy to use, it is effective. So I truly hope that they can keep this product and improve it for the future, but don’t stop the product!

Till then, hope all of you have a fantastic day!

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How to Style Denim Shorts

Hello World, how are you?

I live in a place that shorts are a necessity because of its hot weather. Since the weather is getting hotter, I am doing all I can to up my denim shorts game. So normally I would wear t-shirts with denim shorts – really no-brainer boring boring boring, but since my mission is to spice the look up a bit so I have tried different clothes on and here are the looks:

The first look I am going for is the wild and beachy look (yeah I really hope for a beach holiday this year) and hence the thigh chain and the leopard print top – actually that is a skirt, but I guess judging from the pictures it kinda worked…

The second look I am going for is the sexy office lady look. So I put on the jacket I always wear for work and a loud necklace to make the whole appearance more casual. Unfortunately my camera couldn’t capture my legs but I was wearing a pair of heels and they matched the look so well!

The third look I am going for is the cultural chic look, so I put on the traditional clothes of different Asian ethnicity to pair with the shorts (yeah, I like collecting traditional costume). I am not sure about you but I surprised myself with how good they turned out to be!

Hope these looks can spark inspiration in you to style your denim shorts, or just any clothes you always wear without thinking twice but who knows by just adding a bit of twist it will change the whole look.

Till then, see you 🙂

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New Stuff I bought for the New Year

Hello world, happy new year, again! I will say this for at least the first week of the year!

So I bought some stuff (for the new year of course! Such perfect time to shop) and I thought it will be nice to document them here. As a person who always strives to be a conscious consumer, but at the same time who does not like to be bothered with detailed records, I only record the amount I spend under one big category called – Shopping. So maybe by sharing with you what I bought can also help me to better manage my ‘stuff’. So here is the list:

L’Occitane Amande Delightful Body Balm and Foot Cream

Recently I have just finished using my body lotion and I have always been wanting to buy the Body Balm from L’Occitane for its almond scent and nourishing texture. The foot cream is a by-the-way purchase as it was on very good discount. So finally I got hold of the body balm and oh gosh, it is amazing! I have really dry skin and this helps tremendously. I don’t think I need to further elaborate how good this body balm is because this is literally the life saver and I could feel the difference the moment I applied on my skin.

Melvita Nectar Bright Brightening Duo

This is another purchase because of discount – but it was on 50% discount and how could I resist that? But it wasn’t a blind buy. The other strong factor that made me bought this was simply because I was once a faithful Melvita customer, until one day they decided to move their outlet further away from where I stayed, and I didn’t want to travel so far just to get their products. Oh online-shopping wasn’t a thing yet at that time, so that was the only reason I stopped purchasing their products. When they shifted back, I was already gotten used to my current skincare from Kiehl’s. Hence this bottle is a good way for me to slowly alternate my skincare between these two brands. I like the fact that the product has a lot of natural and good ingredients, however I do notice that this product has fragrance, which is something I tried very much to avoid in my skincare. But well, for all the goodness from their natural ingredients, I just hope that it can balance out the damage by the fragrance.

Melvita Rose Lips 2 in 1 Gloss

I bought this because it was exactly what I wanted – a tinted balm that has benefits to the lips. The texture is very creamy and glossy, and I really love it that way. The only thing that put me off slightly is the scent, but I just got used to it after a while. I tried wearing this only on its own and I think it works well on me so far, and the plus point is it has so much natural ingredients that other lip gloss doesn’t have, so quite an easy pick. I would do another blog post after a longer use to give a better perspective about its performance but I think, for someone who doesn’t like to use gloss, this could be the only lip gloss I will use from now on.

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream

You may know by now that Crabtree & Evelyn has filed bankruptcy (again) and they are having SALES everywhere as they are closing down almost all their stores worldwide. The reason of their significant losses is due to the rise of e-commerce (see what Jack Ma has done to the world) so they are changing the business model to move it to online platform. I have always used C&E’s handcream and loved it and so I HAD TO buy some to show my support for the brand. And fun fact, C&E was sold to and owned by a Malaysian company.

Naruko Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Complex 30ml

Naruko is a Taiwanese brand (despite its Japanese name) that I used before and enjoyed very much. Since it is the new year, I shall rekindle my love for it and so I picked up this serum that I have not tried before. Again, this contains fragrance, but for all the goodness it offers, I just hope the damage won’t be so bad and keep my fingers crossed.

Simple Eye Make-up Remover

Finally, I discovered something that is without fragrance! I have tried Simple’s eye make-up remover and despite the fact that it does away with harmful chemical, its performance is so far so good! I am very impressed with it. Again, this product will be in my pipeline to update its performance after a longer term of use.

Chloe Pre-loved Leather Shoes

This is a very special buy because this is the first time I bought a paid of designer pre-loved shoes. I got this pair from Reebonz and I will write about my experience with the purchase – spoiler: it was a good experience! I have not really worn the shoes so I will keep this in my pipeline to update in this blog. (Alright, the third updates I have promised so far.)

Alright, the following purchase is local so if you are not from here and you happen to visit my country, this may give you an idea what local souvenir to buy!

iL Puro Essential Oil Balms

I got them from the iL Puro stall (they are online as well) and the scent was what attracted me to them, especially the vapor balm. I have very sensitive nose and I always suffer from nose block, so the vapor balm is always needed. The scent of this balm immediately cleared my nose when I tried it, so without a second doubt, I bought all four of them that came with the cute little handwoven pouch made by locals. I have been enjoying all balms so far, and I am so going to get more products from them.

So far, I am quite happy with my new year purchases, and that helped me in getting myself charged up for the upcoming challenges in the new year. What about you, what do you do to revitalise yourself for the new year?

Till then, see you 🙂

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Vacation: Relaxation at Cameron Highlands

Hello World, happy new year 2019!

I have just reached home from one of the best vacations at a local destination to spend my new year. This time around I did some stuff that I have always failed to do in many of my vacations – which is to read.

I am not sure about you, but I cannot read when my mind is occupied. So for me the best time to read is when I am relaxed and I do not need to be worried about my commitments and obligations (boring adult stuff), and logically speaking, vacation would be the best time to read. More often than not, my typical vacation is always packed with places to go, stuff to do, food to eat, and I never had the time to just read. But this time, I have planned to just be less ambitious and to focus on two major items in my short new year trip – to relax and read.

Now there are a few things I learned from my excursion of only 3 days 2 nights – it takes planning to relax. So there are a few things to plan and think thoroughly before the trip.

Number one – Vacation destination and location

I was considering between beaches and highlands, but in the end I had gone back to something that I frequent before – which is a well-loved getaway destination Cameron Highlands because of its chilling and cooling temperature since we don’t get to enjoy low temperature in most parts of the peninsular. Because I wanted to relax, so I didn’t want a place that I hadn’t been to and I needed to keep processing the new information and excitement during the trip. Hence a good level of certainty became my deciding factor. However if I went to the places I always went to, it would be boring, and I am very easily bored. So I picked a resort I had never been before that is close to the town where I could find food (very important factor to consider) and coffee easily.

And I went to the resort that is now so far my best I got in Cameron Highlands – Century Pines Resort (click here if you are interested to check out its Agoda page, I am so not paid to do this but if you want to visit Cameron Highlands I recommend you to check out this resort).

Picture Taken from the Carpark
Picture Taken from the Carpark

The room I got was superb and surprisingly big. I didn’t take enough pictures of it because I was just spending every moment enjoying the room, so here are just very few shots I took once I reached the room.

The Super Comfortable King Size Bed
Perfect Reading Spot

Number Two – Stuff to Do

I spent good amount of my time in the room just to read and sleep, I took some stuff with me to make sure that I had good time there. I brought a book titled ‘Princess: Secret to Share’ that I was in the middle to reading it. The reason I took this book was because it was easy to read. It has just the right amount of drama and simple English with emotive writing style. I have my own set of opinions about this book but let’s save it for some other day, most importantly it had entertained me for the time I spent in the room and in cafes just to take my mind somewhere else than my own reality.

The last book I finished reading in 2018

Apart from that, I also took some essential oils and body scrub to help myself fully relax and recuperate. The environment helped me in the process with lush plants surrounding the resort that produced much oxygen that made every single of my cells revived.

Number three – Minimum Screen Time

I really made a conscious effort to shut down my phone and IPad when I wanted to relax and read, and it helped so much. With the new year wishes flooding into my phone, I just gave myself the right and entitlement to ignore them. In any case, I believe true and solid relationships are not only built upon once-in-a-year new year wishes. With the minimum screen time, I found myself being able to use senses that I normally forget to use like hearing. I heard so many types of bird chirping outside of the room, I heard the leaves rustling when the wind blew, I heard the sounds made by the insects in the tropical forest. It was an amazing experience to be able to enjoy the nature with much comfort.

At times, we are our worst enemies that we took ourselves for granted. We forget to care for ourselves thinking that our body can take another late night party, another drama marathon, or another mindless scrolling of the phone screen to check out others’ lives on social media that feeds us nothing but envy and jealousy. In the midst of technology advancement, we forget how to just be human and do the human thing – like take time to relax. For me, I am just calmer and happier after the vacation, and I think that is simply because I have consciously made the choice to do what my body needs.

Till then, I hope all a good start of the year. Be blessed.

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Perfume: DKNY Nectar Love Donna Karan

Hello World! How has life been treating you?

I have been very occupied with Christmas, and after all the hustle and bustle, finally I get a chance to just sit down and write about stuff.

One important thing I treasure very much is scent, I like things smell like what they are supposed to smell like. I appreciate the heavy and pungent smell of canvas that reminds me of the time I used to do a lot of outdoor camping. I appreciate the moldy smell of old books especially if they are stored in wooden bookshelves like the ones you see in libraries (by the way, I love libraries and book shops), it reminds me of a simpler life without internet and social media that I used to just read without food nor sleep. And now, I love the smell of my dogs. I always thought I was the only weird one in my circle who liked the typical dog smell, but there was once my friend who came to visit me and she immediately recognised the familiar smell without seeing my dogs. Then she told me she missed the smell very much because she just lost her dog, that was the first time I realised the power of smell. It evokes feelings and emotions whether you allow it or not.

So sometimes I would buy things just because of the scent, like Eubos hand cream, like Yankee Candle Sparkling Snow, like Melvita Rose Floral Water.

Because I treasure scent so much, I really hate it when my perfume smells horrible on me when it smells great in its bottle. So this perfume is one of them that makes me stink even though it smells amazing.

DKNY Nectar Love doesn’t quite love my skin

DKNY has always been in my wishlist especially the classic Be Delicious apple scent. It is D-perfume that almost all girls my age wore before. I have long forgotten it until one day my colleague sprayed at her wrist and it smelt oh-so-delicious on her. Again, that evoked the longing towards the scent which drew me to testing it at the perfume counter.

As I was testing it out, the sales assistant came to attend to me and she is one of those sales assistants I hope more retail could hire – she was patient, sweet and most importantly, she was passionate about fragrances. She introduced a lot of fragrances to me, and one of them is DKNY Nectar Love – which was on promotion with more than 50% discount. I couldn’t decide which to buy, hence I spritzed Be Delicious on my left, and Nectar Love on my right.

However after a while, Be Delicious was no longer detectable on my skin while I could still sensed the sweetness of Nectar Love. I was in really good spirit and I decided to purchase Nectar Love in stead.

Nectar Love and my favourite play – The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

I have learned my lesson very well and hence I only bought the 30 ml bottle, and that is the only saving grace from this purchase. I have expected not to love it but at least I thought it would be something I could wear as a casual scent when I am out and about to run errands, but I was so wrong.

I wore this on Christmas day with a white dress for church. I intended to feel light and fresh as it was so hot on Christmas morning. The sunlight was extremely bright and harsh. I was sweating the moment I got outdoor. The scent was fresh in the beginning, but when it was left on my skin for about an hour, it became unbearable. I got headache smelling it – I just sprayed two spritz on my wrist because I always avoid spraying a new perfume too much and too close to my face, but little did I know I would be affected so badly. I didn’t enjoy the Christmas choir performance, the Christmas sermon, the Christmas lunch and so on. All I could do was to keep my focus at the three pieces of stained glass narrating the life of St. Andrew to ease my headache.

The moment I reached home, I dashed to the bathroom for a good generous shower.

So that was my experience with the perfume. I would not know whether it was my skin or the weather that affects the perfume, all I knew was it didn’t smell like what it was like when I tested at the counter. I may give it another try even though I really doubt I would like a scent that gave me headache.

There goes my latest adventure with a new perfume. I truly hope I will have a better luck next time.

Till then, have a great end of 2018!